Meaning of Row Z in English:

Row Z


informal British
  • The back row of seats in a concert hall, theatre, or stadium.

    • ‘they could have snatched a late winner, but he struck his shot into row Z’
    • ‘Heintze is forced to hack the ball into Row Z.’
    • ‘Now, I'm clearly in Row Z - my visitor count makes Robert Smith's election result look good.’
    • ‘Neville finds Sullivan on the edge of the field, and Brown rushes out to clear it into Row Z.’
    • ‘He promptly returns it to Paul Overton, whose abject cross from the right ends up in Row Z of the stand on the other side of the pitch.’
    • ‘Since Portugal scored, Marc Overmars spurned a half-chance to equalise, slicing a volley into Row Z from distance.’
    • ‘After some slapstick defending, Michael Sweetney eventually hacks the ball into Row Z.’
    • ‘Instead of putting the ball in Row Z he allowed Alan Hunte to reach round and get the scoring touch.’
    • ‘While he has captured close-ups of Beckham taking a corner, just as important are those of the fan sitting in Row Z.’
    • ‘Juan rushes out to clear the ball into Row Z.’