Meaning of rowboat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrəʊbəʊt/

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North American
  • A small boat propelled by use of oars; a rowing boat.

    ‘Best of all, anglers of every stripe should still be able to rent the tile-red, flat-bottom, 14-foot rowboats at Fletcher's Boat House, as they have for nearly 150 years.’
    • ‘Unlike the typical yacht, cabin cruiser, rowboat, kayak or canoe, shells have no cleats for attaching a rope, said one coxswain.’
    • ‘The development features nature trails, a wetland boardwalk, undeveloped lakeshore, and a pier for canoes and rowboats.’
    • ‘Ray Kish started sailing after he hammered a couple of cross members into his rowboat and jury rigged a sail.’
    • ‘Take one of the resort's rowboats, kayaks, or canoes out to catch and release largemouth bass and perch, or hike the 280-acre grounds.’
    • ‘Pierre raced ahead and sneaked to the side on the ship where the rowboat waited.’
    • ‘As a teenager in 1944, I was the skipper of a 10-foot rowboat with a centerboard and small sail.’
    • ‘In tugs and sloops and rowboats, citizen watchdog groups have launched a campaign to protect America's waterways.’
    • ‘The family decided to sell it, leaving behind the paddleboat, a rowboat, a riding lawnmower, several television sets, exercise equipment and lots of furniture.’
    • ‘The practice of fishing with nets and lines from shore, with the aid of a rowboat or double-ended skiff, appears to have continued well into the 19th century.’
    • ‘And at last count, more than 200 people were rescued by crew in rafts, even in rowboats, secured from a local amusement park.’
    • ‘A couple of wooden rowboats are moored in a quiet backwater.’
    • ‘She saw a small wooden dock, and a wooden rowboat with two oars floating in the water.’
    • ‘His father was gracious enough to give him the leaky rowboat on the side of the ship and a day's worth of provisions.’
    • ‘Hasef was placed in a rowboat, which headed for one of the ships in the harbor.’
    • ‘Her favorite painter specializes in old rowboats and the rocky Maine shoreline.’
    • ‘There are the most traditional crafts: dories, shells, and plain old rowboats, designed for rough surf.’
    • ‘The only way off the barge and onto dry land is by way of a rowboat.’
    • ‘Terrace called from his little rowboat as he set the oars in their places.’
    • ‘We fished together, in rowboats, off riverbanks and bridges, in rivers and lakes, with worms and fish eggs, and lures and flies.’