Meaning of rowing boat in English:

rowing boat

Pronunciation /ˈrəʊɪŋ ˌbəʊt/

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  • A small boat propelled by use of oars.

    North American term rowboat

    ‘For the energetic, pedal boats, rowing boats, canoes and rafts, will be available for hire throughout the weekend.’
    • ‘I would appeal to all jet skiers to give sailboats, sailboards, rowing boats and swimmers a wide berth.’
    • ‘Built of English oak and Cornish elm, they are traditionally designed and locally built rowing boats originally used to deliver pilots to incoming merchant ships.’
    • ‘Gale force winds and strong tides sank a rowing boat on the Thames on Sunday.’
    • ‘In a yacht you can turn into a storm and beat away, but you can't do that in a rowing boat!’
    • ‘On both lakes you can rent rowing boats and Canadian canoes, and spend the day on the water, fishing.’
    • ‘The lifeboat was an open rowing boat manned by local volunteers clad in oilskins.’
    • ‘These days the ferry is just a rowing boat which takes roughly seven people at a time.’
    • ‘Lifeboats - most of them rowing boats - came from 40 miles around and pulled many of the nurses and crew from the disintegrating wreck, performing incredible deeds of bravery in the pitch-dark.’
    • ‘There's also a chance of getting out on to the water if you'd like to, with rowing boats for hire and a cross-lake ferry service that visits the shore near Lodore Wood and Fawe Park on the west shore.’
    • ‘On the shores of the lake, rowing boats and steamers offer visitors to Bowness the chance to escape from the summertime crowds and allow spectacular panoramas of the distant fells.’
    • ‘University students in a rowing boat were put in danger, and houseboats were set rocking so violently that one damaged its moorings.’
    • ‘A trio of traditional Venetian rowing boats will make their way down the Thames to Richmond on Monday afternoon.’
    • ‘On the River Thames near London, 11 rowers had to be rescued after their rowing boats were swamped by huge waves and nearly sank.’
    • ‘Deckchairs and rowing boats were stowed away, seafront cafés battened down and all the amusements boarded up.’
    • ‘The rowing boat is honeycombed with storage lockers under its strengthened decks.’
    • ‘The house owner has fishing rights and the right to use a rowing boat.’
    • ‘The rowing boats will be available during every day of the Easter holidays from noon to 6pm and later if the weather permits.’
    • ‘My great grandfather hired out rowing boats at Bowness Bay and Lakeside.’
    • ‘The exploration party consisted of ten men, and their means of transport was four small rowing boats.’