Meaning of royal fish in English:

royal fish


  • A whale, porpoise, or sturgeon caught near the British coast or cast ashore there. In these circumstances they belong to the Crown or, in the Duchy of Cornwall, to the Prince of Wales.

    ‘The royal fish - protected as swans are - was caught by Robert Davies from Llanelli, west Wales, in Swansea Bay yesterday.’
    • ‘Being a royal fish, if caught, it becomes the property of the crown.’
    • ‘Waters concluded that the great size of the sturgeon was the reason for its designation as a royal fish reserved for royal banquets.’
    • ‘Apparently King Edward II declared the sturgeon a royal fish and that any caught should be offered to the king.’
    • ‘Some fish (whales, porpoises and sturgeons) were generally regarded as royal fish – and most people did not have access to them without permission.’