Meaning of rub off in English:

rub off

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phrasal verb

  • Be transferred by contact or association.

    ‘when parents are having a hard time, their tension can easily rub off on the kids’
    • ‘Celebrity rubs off on the people surrounding the glittering stars, too.’
    • ‘What would be nice is if the negative people could try and be positive because that rubs off on the players.’
    • ‘There seems to be a natural intensity and desire there to put in a top performance every week, so it will be interesting to see how this rubs off on the rest of the players.’
    • ‘‘He still joins in training, but is relaxed and that rubs off on the lads,’ says Flitcroft.’
    • ‘It is all about taking pride in the local community and when people see someone doing that it rubs off onto other people.’
    • ‘Four members of the cast are very experienced and this rubs off on the fifth member who has not been in as many productions.’
    • ‘The buzz of having everyone on stage is something that rubs off on each cast member and the camaraderie is evident as members help each other with dance moves for the finale.’
    • ‘Almost without exception, these towns exhibit a spirit, pride and pursuit of excellence that rubs off on any intruder.’
    • ‘Samuel hopes his enthusiasm rubs off on local players.’
    • ‘We've become accustomed to treating alcohol as no big thing, and our relaxed attitude rubs off on long-term visitors.’
    be transferred to, be passed on to, be transmitted to, be communicated to