Meaning of rub someone up the wrong way in English:

rub someone up the wrong way

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  • Irritate or repel someone (as by stroking a cat against the lie of its fur)

    ‘his supreme self-confidence is likely to rub many up the wrong way’
    • ‘They just rub me up the wrong way.’
    • ‘But I don't think for a minute that he's no good, he just rubs me up the wrong way.’
    • ‘Also, the actress really rubs me the wrong way somehow.’
    • ‘Stella joined the company back in August, and immediately set about rubbing us up the wrong way.’
    • ‘It wouldn't be the first time he has rubbed someone up the wrong way.’
    • ‘The editor may have been a fairly kindly and laid-back man, but he had a vicious temper and could be very malicious if he was in the wrong mood and you rubbed him the wrong way.’
    • ‘Maybe there's something about your writing that rubs me the wrong way.’
    • ‘These men share a tendency toward balladeering that rubs me the wrong way.’
    • ‘Yet to this day, something about the circumstances surrounding the woman's statement rubbed me the wrong way.’
    • ‘The reference to the employees as clients rubbed me the wrong way as well.’
    irritate, annoy, irk, vex, provoke, displease, exasperate, infuriate, get on someone's nerves, get someone's back up, put someone's back up, put out, pique, upset, nettle, needle, ruffle someone's feathers, make someone's hackles rise, try someone's patience
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