Meaning of rubbery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrʌb(ə)ri/

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  • Having a tough elastic texture, like that of rubber.

    ‘portions of rubbery, unseasoned canned spaghetti’
    • ‘his rubbery legs and arms splayed almost out of control’
    • ‘The show thrived on Ritter's rubbery pratfalls.’
    • ‘It could be used to make artificial nerves, rubbery needles, or wearable electronics.’
    • ‘The end result is a careening car that feels much more rubbery than controlled.’
    • ‘It is seen only in brief flashes, possibly to distract from the fact it looks rubbery.’
    • ‘Where the public prefers sliced, pasteurised cheese—a bland, rubbery substance—the artisanal cheese market is tiny.’
    • ‘Some were soft, some were furry, and some were rubbery.’
    • ‘I checked if there is a removable covering, but the whole pad is a strange pink rubbery substance.’
    • ‘Razorfish are a little like squid and can be rubbery when mishandled.’
    • ‘There were no crumpets to be had, and the hot buttered muffins were tepid and rubbery.’
    • ‘His body reminded me of a strip of bacon, thin and rubbery.’