Meaning of ruffed grouse in English:

ruffed grouse


  • A North American woodland grouse which has a black ruff on the sides of the neck.

    Bonasa umbellus, family Tetraonidae (or Phasianidae)

    ‘On the one hand, you have the uplands: home to the ruffed grouse and the woodcock, the ringneck pheasant, the bobwhite quail, and just possibly sharptail grouse and Hungarian partridge, too.’
    • ‘And the Poconos' deciduous forests harbor a wealth of birds, ranging from the scarlet tanager to the ruffed grouse.’
    • ‘The ruffed grouse is a nonmigratory, forest game bird.’
    • ‘As food, wild turkeys eat its roots, and ruffed grouse, mourning doves, bobwhite, turkeys and juncos devour its seeds.’
    • ‘In addition, Cranberry Glades is home to white-tailed deer, beaver, and black bear, as well as ruffed grouse and great blue herons.’
    • ‘One year, a ruffed grouse took a liking to Bob and would emerge from the woods near the ninth green whenever he walked past; once, it followed his daughter into their house.’
    • ‘The ruffed grouse, in contrast, is secretive, elusive and quick to take flight - hikers and hunters seldom get more than a glimpse.’
    • ‘Did you know that Pennsylvania's state bird is the ruffed grouse?’
    • ‘His experienced ears have picked up the faint, deep, drumming sound of a ruffed grouse.’
    • ‘We ski stealthily up to a herd of deer or pass a ruffed grouse on the trail while gliding along.’
    • ‘Be on the lookout for woodcocks, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, foxes, beavers, otters, ruffed grouse, and muskrat.’
    • ‘Tracks of squirrel, weasel, coyote, rabbit, ruffed grouse, and mice are common, says Alison Adams, who runs snowshoe hikes in Harbor Springs, Michigan.’
    • ‘Photuris pennsylvanica officially took its place alongside the whitetail deer, ruffed grouse, and Great Dane as official state symbols.’