Meaning of ruggedized in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrʌɡɪdʌɪzd/


(also British ruggedised)
mainly North American
  • Designed or improved to be hard-wearing or shock-resistant.

    ‘ruggedized computers suitable for use on the battlefield’
    • ‘Many of our products are available with conduction cooling, conformal coating and extended temperature options and we have worked closely with customers to deliver enclosed designs for ruggedized applications.’
    • ‘However, the consortium neglected to invite hard drive vendors, who had no interest in reducing their margins even further to design ruggedized external drives.’
    • ‘The ruggedised system is designed for harsh defence force environments.’
    • ‘The company today launched its latest handset, slider-phone with integrated camera and a ruggedised design.’
    • ‘Computers are sealed in a polycarbonate cover and are ruggedized to withstand weather, temperature and physical abuse.’
    • ‘For severe operating environments, the U.S. Army's common hardware and software handlheld terminal unit (CHS HTU) may be used in place of the ruggedized laptop.’
    • ‘Handheld and smaller computers offer ample advantages in mobility and compatibility and offer an alternative to laptops and ruggedized boxes.’
    • ‘The vibration, dust, and heat often found in manufacturing environments frequently require the use of an industrial-grade or ruggedized PC.’
    • ‘Systems integration is what will make blue force tracking much greater than the sum total of all the ruggedized laptops we manage to bolt into our tanks and trucks.’
    • ‘Systems participating in Advanced Warfighting Experiments should be ruggedized and easily maintainable.’
    • ‘All three instruments will be ruggedized for launch and space operations.’
    • ‘The system uses solid-state electronics, open-system architecture and ruggedised commercial off-the-shelf hardware, with general-purpose programmable workstations and full-colour liquid crystal displays.’
    • ‘New generation highly ruggedised and impact resistant air-to-air refuelling drogues have been fitted with gaseous tritium lights with no wires or moving parts.’
    • ‘Should your work often take you outdoors, think about a ruggedised model to cope with the grind.’
    • ‘The company sells sleek drives for the fashion conscious, large-capacity drives for the memory hungry, ruggedized drives for travelers and others with built-in software for working smoothly with traditional email software.’
    • ‘It is also working on further versions of its pad: ruggedised; with an integrated mobile phone; and with voice command and handwriting recognition.’
    • ‘They may be entirely irrelevant to the majority of people, but there's something inherently appealing about ruggedised gadgets nonetheless.’
    • ‘A ruggedised printer is available to give a record of movements.’
    • ‘The new model is also said to sport a dark-coloured ruggedised case.’
    • ‘The company is touting the unit as a shock and vibration-proof alternative to ruggedised hard drives.’