Meaning of run an errand in English:

run an errand


  • Carry out an errand for someone.

    ‘One week later, Colas, a sixth-grade student of the Lewis Yard Primary School failed to return home after running an errand for his mother who sent him to a nearby house to purchase some items.’
    • ‘Closed circuit TV footage from a convenience store near his home showed him running an errand for his mother at 5.02 pm, after which he returned home.’
    • ‘She had disappeared while out running an errand for her mother.’
    • ‘I just returned home from running an errand to find this business card stuck in our door.’
    • ‘Mom says, ‘Would you watch Cole for me while I run an errand?’’
    • ‘Seniors will appreciate an offer to write a letter for them, make a phone call or run an errand while you're there.’
    • ‘Police were last night searching for a boy aged nine missing for more than 24 hours after leaving his home to run an errand.’
    • ‘I have to go run an errand, I'll be back in like ten minutes, okay?’
    • ‘I want you to run an errand for me, to the village.’
    • ‘She had had to go run an errand for her mom out at the grocery store, while Richard had still been there, and he had said he'd come along.’