Meaning of run the risk in English:

run the risk


  • Expose oneself to the possibility of something unpleasant occurring.

    ‘she preferred not to run the risk of encountering his sister’
    • ‘She was trapped, either stay outdoors and risk being caught by Kent, or stay with a man she hardly knew and run the risk of him possibly turning her over to the same man.’
    • ‘The only reason she hasn't actually said anything is because she absolutely adores Christine and so she would never run the risk of running the risk of losing her.’
    • ‘I think everybody runs risks talking about Social Security.’
    • ‘Nowadays, given the vastness of the subject, world histories by a single author run the risk of falling short.’
    • ‘Sadly, when you try to be so many things at once, you run the risk of losing your audience with such a varied image.’
    • ‘If Canada continues on its present route it runs the risk of being viewed as hypocritical.’
    • ‘To cover every possible historical topic is not only impossible, but runs the risk of turning the book into a social history of Europe between 1400 and 1600.’
    • ‘In addition to this financial risk, the companies also ran the risk of over-signing acts and not having enough staff available to service and promote them properly.’
    • ‘I really believe that the role of the architect is changing, and unless the profession and its education change, architecture runs the risk of being marginalized.’
    • ‘Several U.S. anthropologists have observed recently that the discipline may be so detached from real world issues that it runs the risk of undermining itself.’