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  • 1An analysis or summary of something by a knowledgeable person.

    ‘he gave his teammates a rundown on the opposition’
    • ‘In typical ‘This Is Your Life’ style, he gave a rundown on Mary's life and times and many others spoke, taking trips down memory lane.’
    • ‘Our David turned out to be a well informed man who, while in a traffic jam between Jersualem and Tel Aviv, gave me a rundown on the composition of the Knesset and why they had 121 deputies.’
    • ‘I haven't been able to turn on the shouting heads shows lately without seeing something about it, and I just heard a rundown on NPR this morning.’
    • ‘Southerly Buster provides a rundown on the current state of play in the Indonesian elections as Bambang increases his lead over Megawati.’
    • ‘A Tafe marine lecturer ave the interested visitors a rundown on the crayfish industry such as the best spot to catch crayfish and how crayfish cost.’
    • ‘My residents gave me a rundown on what was going on.’
    • ‘He gives a rundown on the club's financial position and confirms that he will not have cash to splash on the transfer market in the summer.’
    • ‘In my last article I gave you a rundown on Oahu beaches.’
    • ‘I would give her a rundown on all the other presents I'd received, how Daddy let me ice the cake, how the lake froze over and we were allowed to skate.’
    • ‘He gave a rundown on how key services were provided on a regional basis, including health care, education and childcare.’
    • ‘The site gives an in-depth insight into the history of the club and gives a rundown on all their achievements since its establishment.’
    • ‘In his first one-on-one with the president, he delivers a rundown on the economy.’
    • ‘If you're interested in a loooong walk down memory lane, follow the link below and allow us to give you a rundown on the last year of blogging.’
    • ‘Maybe I should give you a rundown on what's happened here since you left.’
    • ‘So, just for the record, here's a rundown on who have been City's top performers over the festive period.’
    • ‘For a rundown on his remarkable life, take a look at the official Vatican site.’
    • ‘He went on to give a rundown on the outcome of the 2004 show which he said was of the usual high standard.’
    • ‘Here's a rundown on the state of operating systems today.’
    • ‘That being said, we'll give you a rundown on the basics of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are often combined into one supplement.’
    • ‘Here, we give you a rundown on many popular macronutrients and other basic ingredients that are readily included in protein products.’
    analysis, review, overview, briefing, brief, sketch, thumbnail sketch, outline, rough idea
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  • 2A reduction in the productivity or activities of a company or institution.

    ‘a rundown in the business would be a devastating blow to the local economy’
    • ‘The rundown of essential services, particularly health care, have been a source of ongoing resentment and anger throughout the area.’
    • ‘It was phenomenal that the city was able to turn itself round in such a short space of time, bearing in mind the dramatic rundown in industry.’
    • ‘If doctors and nurses go from the rural sector then farmers and workers will follow, and that will mean a run-down of our productive sector.’
    • ‘That run-down in Commonwealth money for housing has forced the states into privatisation by stealth because it's forced them to sell off public housing stock and run down the supply right around the country.’
    reduction, cut, cutback, decrease, curtailment, drop, decline, diminution
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(also run-down)
  • 1(especially of a building or area) in a poor or neglected state after having been prosperous.

    ‘a run-down Edwardian villa’
    • ‘Four of Manchester's communities want the chance to transform neglected and run-down park areas into something everyone in the community can enjoy.’
    • ‘Dispersal means refugees get dumped in run-down housing areas with no proper facilities and support.’
    • ‘The organisation specialises in lending for neglected properties, run-down buildings which can be renovated or converted for new use and energy-efficient new homes built ecologically.’
    • ‘In 1998, it was declared a Housing Renewal Area, where run-down zones are improved through renovation and clearance.’
    • ‘Named after the run-down apartment building the band was eventually evicted from, The Lawrence Arms give us straight-up, Midwestern punk rock.’
    • ‘A multi-million pound chance to improve run-down housing areas in Rochdale was unveiled by the Government on Wednesday.’
    • ‘He began to slow down as his surroundings began to grow more familiar, and soon he found that his feet had taken him home, to the small, run-down apartment building where he and Lyra lived.’
    • ‘With a screeching halt, the driver stepped on the brake just in front of the run-down apartment building that Adrian now called home.’
    • ‘A project to turn a run-down area of Kendal into a haven for disabled people has got the support of the town council.’
    • ‘Homeowners in run-down areas are turning down a free offer of new houses.’
    • ‘The Block, a grid of run-down houses that is a virtual no-go area for people who do not live there, is notorious for heroin dealers trading openly in a park next to the railway tracks.’
    • ‘That experience, in the case of Britain, was shared by those who came from former colonies to take up low-paid work and live in run-down areas where they were subjected to both social and institutional discrimination.’
    • ‘The district hospital was built to replace the 220-year-old city infirmary in Fisherton Street, the geriatric unit at Newbridge and run-down buildings at Odstock.’
    • ‘The former Scout leader, who made his fortune revamping properties in run-down areas, was outraged when he received a fine for not paying a £5 congestion charge on a business trip to London.’
    • ‘They arrived to find a rundown overcrowded health centre starved of resources.’
    • ‘Deptford has won £12m to improve a rundown health centre, through a new Public Private Partnership.’
    • ‘Film producers were the first to notice the rundown part of the city.’
    • ‘He drops out of school, moves into a rundown rooming house, telling no one his new address, and spends his time drinking and bar fighting.’
    • ‘Every kind of business, from rundown corner markets to the Gucci storefront on South Peters Street, has been looted.’
    • ‘Nothing came of that plan except for several small commercial developments, and Randburg slipped down the steady slope to becoming an untidy, rundown business and shopping area.’
    1. 1.1(of a company or industry) in a poor economic state.
      ‘a run-down business that had been making losses for five years’
      • ‘The managing director arrived at the company in 1999 as part of a team that had bought a run-down business which had been making losses for five years.’
      • ‘This was the beginning of the 20-year cycle, buying run-down catering businesses and building them into success stories.’
      • ‘But in general, India's infrastructure is as creaking and run-down as ever.’
      • ‘What about sorely-needed education and health policies to restore the badly run-down public systems?’
      • ‘Britain is recruiting far and wide to prop up its rundown national health system, from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, and the Philippines.’
  • 2Tired and rather unwell, especially through overwork.

    ‘she felt tired and generally run-down’
    • ‘I've said more than once in the last few months that I've been feeling tired and run-down and, now that things may be coming to a head, I thought I'd write a little bit more about what has been going on.’
    • ‘Those times I find myself ready to snap at my son for nothing, feeling run-down and tired, overwhelmed.’
    • ‘Apart from still being extremely tired and run-down, there is also so much to be done.’
    • ‘Most people I know, who say they are vegetarians/vegans have very pale skin, little muscle mass, and are always tired, run-down, and lethargic.’
    • ‘Everyone in this line looks tired, run-down, and much too old.’
    • ‘These are the obvious reasons for feeling tired or run-down, but for many female athletes, they aren't the only ones.’
    • ‘When Sheri started feeling tired and run-down, she realized she needed to make changes to improve the quality of her life.’
    • ‘You are not simply ill, run-down or hungover: you are unable to produce, and because you are unable to produce, you are not a man.’
    • ‘Adults, particularly older ones or those with a run-down immune system, can however also contract shingles (herpes zoster) from a child with chickenpox.’
    • ‘A run-down publisher's life is getting away from him.’
    unwell, ill, poorly, out of sorts, unhealthy, peaky, not oneself, below par, in bad shape
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