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running mate


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  • 1An election candidate for the lesser of two closely associated political offices.

    ‘a rationale offered by a presidential candidate for choosing his vice presidential running mate’
    • ‘His running mate as vice presidential candidate would also be announced.’
    • ‘He is his vice presidential running mate for the election in November.’
    • ‘He is also the son of the vice-presidential running mate of a SEP presidential candidate.’
    • ‘They privately admit he could conceivably bring in a running mate if a general election were called.’
    • ‘The campaigns began with the five presidential candidates and their vice presidential running mates ceremoniously sending off a parade of election floats from Jakarta's National Monument.’
    • ‘Joining us now two senators who may be on the short list of possible running mates for two presidential candidates.’
    • ‘It is only the presidential candidates and their running mates that can submit complaints.’
    • ‘The presidential candidates and their running mates are using, of course, every tactic possible to win this election, even fear.’
    • ‘The commission said five other presidential candidates and their running mates had passed medical tests and other criteria.’
    • ‘They chose one of the three presidential candidates and their running mates.’
    • ‘The running mate for the presidential candidate is also announced at the national convention.’
    • ‘He is considered one of the top candidates to be his running mate in the November election.’
    • ‘The committee has officially named two gubernatorial candidates with their respective running mates to contend the gubernatorial election.’
    • ‘In the art of presidential politics naming a running mate is greeted with great expectations.’
    • ‘Starting six weeks before the election, you head toward November with the candidates, running mates, platform and tactics of your choosing.’
    • ‘Some also did more than their bit at the last election, bringing in running mates when more senior members of the party failed to do so.’
    • ‘With huge support from the nation, she attempted to stand as her husband's vice-presidential running mate in the 1951 elections.’
    • ‘Is it really possible for a presidential candidate to select a running mate from a different party?’
    • ‘Generally speaking, the presidential nominees from the parties choose at their party's conventions their vice presidential running mates.’
    • ‘Article 38 of the draft revision states that gubernatorial and regental candidates and their running mates are elected directly by the people.’
  • 2A horse entered in a race in order to set the pace for another horse from the same stable, which is intended to win.

    • ‘He has a record of 2.15 with a running mate.’