Meaning of runway in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrʌnweɪ/

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  • 1A strip of hard ground along which aircraft take off and land.

    ‘the jet braked hard as its wheels touched the runway’
    • ‘Abandoning mixed mode, which means aircraft land on alternate runways, giving people in west London respite for a few hours in the afternoon, was not mentioned in the consultation.’
    • ‘The EuroCeltic spokesman said he had spoken to the pilot and had been told that the aircraft aquaplaned along the runway before part of it tipped over into the sea.’
    • ‘The Boeing 777 from Pakistan was taxiing along the runway after landing when the blaze started.’
    • ‘Multi-leg landing gear and loading equipment ensure self-sufficient operation of the aircraft on prepared concrete runways and on unpaved strips.’
    • ‘Once the fighters had all landed the lengthy runways retracted into the ground and were replaced by another.’
    • ‘The air vehicle can land on a regular runway, grassy strip or highway using arresting cables.’
    • ‘The Deputy Transport Minister said he wanted an airport with a runway long enough to land bigger aircraft so tourist numbers could increase.’
    • ‘The aircraft made several turns and finally it touched the runway of the airport with a few screech from the ground.’
    • ‘Its first inbound flight was a light aircraft that circled the runway several times before coming into land.’
    • ‘They can set up navigational aid equipment anywhere in the world to guide aircraft for landing on makeshift runways without the benefit of a tower or large communications system.’
    • ‘Ifalpa wants airports constrained by space restrictions to be forced to install ‘arrester strips’ that slow down aircraft which have overshot runways.’
    • ‘Mac is the star of a project designed to chase birds away from the runways and landing strips of South Africa's airports.’
    • ‘At first the airfield was a grass landing area and work had not even started on hard runways when the base was opened.’
    • ‘With the ground as hard as the runways nearby next to the Kintyre course, it seemed a risky strategy.’
    • ‘The two-and-half hour delay to the opening of the second runway, along with problems de-icing aircraft prior to take-off, caused delays to almost all services.’
    • ‘Or if our strip of film showed an airplane running along a runway and taking off into the air, we would all be quite certain in which direction it was going.’
    • ‘As soon as the aircraft landed, crash crews strategically deployed along the main runway, raced behind the jet until it came to a stop at the end of the airfield.’
    • ‘Lees landed on the runway at Coventry as two private aircraft, one bound for the United States and the other for Italy, were preparing to take off.’
    • ‘Just prior to ground contact align the airplane with the runway and land with the nose wheel close to the ground.’
    • ‘The incident happened just as the airport saw the first large aircraft arrive and land on the main runway since 2001.’
  • 2

    North American term for catwalk (sense 1)

    ‘models strut down the runway in mysterious sunglasses’
    • ‘runway modelling takes more than a tall body and a pretty face’
    • ‘Theirs is not a fashion-show erotic strut down the runway.’
    • ‘He and model of the moment Lilli strut down the runway to a chunky house bassline.’
    • ‘To be a world-class runway supermodel you have to know how to throw attitude and apparently in her case - telephones.’
    • ‘There was then a Cover Girl Ad shoot after which a supremely confident girl was eliminated and then there was a runway show where the final two girls got to show their stuff and one came out on top.’
    • ‘New York's Fashion Week has nothing on the runway show at Hairball, the East Coast's largest annual hair design competition.’
    • ‘Highlight of this fund-raiser was the runway fashion show with doggie moms dressed by Tootsies and doggie dads clothed by M. Penner.’
    • ‘Kores isn't collaborating with a band; she's debuting seven complete outfits for the runway part of the show.’
    • ‘Then, there were the va-va-voom designer fashions from Tootsies shown in a dazzling runway display.’
    • ‘Next we learned our runway walk with Mr. Vy, a professional pageant coach.’
    • ‘This week on America's Next Top Model, Camille finally took the runway walk of shame off the show.’
    • ‘Mostly I do photography because I am not tall enough to be a runway model, so I pose for magazines and calendars.’
    • ‘Do you actually think his daughters would be plucked from the front row of an Armani runway show?’
    • ‘On the runway scene, walking, could you be a very good photo model and not a good runway model?’
    • ‘Doing a runway collection is a full-time job, and I don't want to jump back in yet.’
    • ‘She is sitting on one side of the runway in trademark sunglasses and a bodyguard-protected leather jacket.’
    • ‘Even the skinniest runway models aren't this skinny.’
    • ‘Inspired by the runway approach to Old Hollywood glamour, dedicated-to-their-curl girls are taking their style to the streets.’
    • ‘The first cultural intermediary is the runway show.’
    • ‘Sitting on the edge of the stage the sister's talked for awhile, waiting for Angie to finish the shoots so they could do a quick runway rehearsal and then go home early.’
    • ‘Here modern female allure, displayed on fashion runways or city streets, merged with a tribute to the timeless, womblike home.’
  • 3An animal run, especially one made by small mammals in grass, under snow, etc.

    ‘Voles can scar lawns by constructing runways and clipping grass very close to the roots.’
    • ‘Tiles were placed in the same home range areas for all trials, but in different runways or locations to avoid habituation and previous scents.’
    • ‘Their ideal habitat is in long grass or scrubland (semi-arid heath) where they make pathways or runways for feeding and escape if disturbed.’
    • ‘They also damage field crops and frequently construct runways in lawns.’
  • 4An incline or chute down which logs are slid.

    • ‘In existing installations where the deck saw is located so that it blocks the entrance to the log haul runway, the entrance doorway shall be guarded by a substantial timber or an automatic bar or gate operated by the saw frame to close the entrance while the saw is in operation.’
    channel, slide, trough, shaft, funnel, conduit