Meaning of russet in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrʌsɪt/

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  • 1Reddish brown in colour.

    ‘the russet bracken’
    • ‘The hot summer is set to produce a stunning autumn with falling leaves of red, russet browns and gold, according to a conservation group.’
    • ‘Gone were the chilly winds, rich gold and russet colours and fresh sunshine of late summers, chased away by grey skies and a thin layer of crackling white frost glazing solemn pavements.’
    • ‘It matures early in October with an attractive russet colour.’
    • ‘And, as the seasons change, so do the colours - carpets of yellow daffodils in the spring to the russet browns and reds of autumn, so now is a great time to visit.’
    • ‘From carpets of yellow daffodils in the spring, to the russet browns of autumn.’
    • ‘The first soldier, the one who had gone to retrieve my riding gear, met up with us soon afterwards, handing me first my dark brown cloak with the russet lining, as well as the pair of high boots.’
    • ‘He wore the uniform of the Terran Army: russet brown, with red trimming.’
    • ‘A boy of about nineteen years patted the flank of a dark russet brown horse with a black mane and tail.’
    • ‘One little piece of chocolate goes into a large casserole full of rich dark brown and russet chillies.’
    • ‘In brisk tall weather, the glossy leaves turn yellow, red, and finally russet brown.’
    • ‘Sunset was turning high streaks of wind-blown clouds into wisps of pink and russet gold, the horizon lost behind the hills cupping the valley.’
    • ‘About half a mile away, starlight finally hit it, revealing a sleek chestnut brown body with ruffled russet red tail feathers.’
    • ‘Drawing on the functional spirit of the wash house, new parts are executed in taut, Kahnian planes of russet brick and sensuous copper which will patinate gracefully and gradually over time.’
    • ‘An undulating ribbon of silver weaves through the work's russet background while the coppery trunklike shapes edged with white suggest sunlight filtered through dense foliage.’
    • ‘The dark mahogany paneling and russet carpeting complemented each other while the brass ornaments and paintings were beautiful accents.’
    • ‘Half of the house, the lower part, was made up of clay bricks of brown or red, while the upper levels was all beige or russet woodwork.’
    • ‘I wore a beige corset with a russet midriff jacket over it and a sarong that reached my ankles with auburn boots.’
    • ‘He was extremely pale, but had the most gorgeous russet hair and hazel eyes.’
    • ‘Her dark russet hair was tied back, and her soft brown eyes were concentrated on some unseen thing.’
    • ‘Autumn has arrived with its frosty build-up of colours of russet and orange trees.’
    hazel, chocolate-coloured, coffee-coloured, cocoa-coloured, nut brown
  • 2 archaic Rustic; homely.

    • ‘that terse and epigrammatic style, with its russet Saxon’


  • 1mass noun A reddish-brown colour.

    ‘the woods in autumn are a riot of russet and gold’
    • ‘It comes in a range of colours from russet to beige, and prices start at £895.’
    • ‘As the days grow shorter and cooler, plants take on new personas, ripening into warm gold, russet, and sepia tones.’
    • ‘The tough rind, pale russet in colour, is very bitter, as is the covering of the three seeds.’
    • ‘The trees were all shades of russet, gold, and jade.’
    • ‘Central Park was dappled in red, russet, and gold.’
    • ‘The leaves of various deciduous trees will be forming carpets of gold and russet throughout the season.’
    • ‘Some perennials change their leaves to gold or russet in autumn, while others stay evergreen, thus making the garden enjoyable and adding interest in the fall and winter months.’
    • ‘We're thinking we might be able to compromise on russet.’
    • ‘With its palette of cream and russet, the room couldn't have been more soothing, and the black-and-white photographs of local landmarks that adorned the walls were covetable.’
    • ‘The rising sun was behind her, still barely a glow over the horizon turning the streamers of clouds above it russet and gold.’
    • ‘They are grown for the beautiful colours of their foliage: lemony green, pink, plum, cerise, chocolate, russet and flame.’
    • ‘I glanced out the window once again, and while it was not massive blob of russet, it still blended to beige.’
    • ‘Every shade of auburn, russet and tan shone through and seemed to make him look almost angelic.’
    • ‘Nephrite and jadeite, the former in colours of white, yellow, russet and green were used in the making of unique little bottles.’
    • ‘Autumn's colors are deep and rich - russet, crimson, burnt orange, gold, dark green, and the color of hay.’
    • ‘In the fall, look for the trees to turn russet, bronze, or deep red.’
    • ‘Kept clipped as a hedge, beech keeps its leaves year round - green in summer, turning to russet in autumn.’
    • ‘I am not discussing the difference between russet and terracotta, any more.’
    • ‘Horsemen mount, to hasten their dawn-lit stock through a wood of russet and silver.’
    • ‘It was early September and the bushes were a dazzling palette of scarlet, orange, russet, blue and green.’
  • 2A dessert apple of a variety with a slightly rough brownish skin.

    • ‘Grandfather sold the russets and the codlings and the pippins from his orchard, and those he didn't sell he stored in his pristine white-washed cellar, where huge black hams and sides of bacon were hanging from black hooks.’
  • 3 historical mass noun A coarse homespun reddish-brown or grey cloth used for simple clothing.

    • ‘They see a plain country-fellow well and cleanly apparelled, either in a coat of homespun russet, or of frieze.’


Middle English from an Anglo-Norman French variant of Old French rousset, diminutive of rous ‘red’, from Provençal ros, from Latin russus ‘red’.