Meaning of Russianness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrʌʃ(ə)nnɪs/


See Russian

‘Their very Russianness, their sense of their own self-defeating contradictions, brings despair with it.’
  • ‘This was partly in pursuit of rationalizing, modernizing reform, partly because - very much in line with trends elsewhere - the state was increasingly associating itself with an idea of ethnic Russianness.’
  • ‘Like the gathering of mushrooms and berries, the eating of prjaniki, and the consumption of shchi, the drinking of kvass in late Tsarist Russia had become a culture-laden act that helped to define one's Russianness.’
  • ‘And, perhaps most saliently, what exactly was the content of the Russianness whose acquisition seemed so necessary?’
  • ‘Arsinoe's Greek nature, which, unlike Fiodor's Russianness, had seemed somewhat arbitrary, becomes necessary.’