Meaning of S-video in English:



mass noun
  • A method of transmitting high-quality television signals from a video recorder, video camera, etc. by sending the signals for chrominance and luminance separately.

    ‘In addition to the DVI input, the projector has a full suite of other video inputs, including component video, PC RGB, S-video, and composite video.’
    • ‘It has ports for S-video, composite video and firewire cables.’
    • ‘RCA connectors to home theater box, would be nice if it had S-video and digital audio as well’
    • ‘I installed it with S-video and optical audio connections to my home theater receiver.’
    • ‘The first is that the S-video output port has been replaced with a video-in/video-out port, allowing you to capture video from an external S-video or composite source, as well as output to a TV.’
    • ‘For interlaced DVD output, I compared signal quality over both component and S-video interfaces into the TV.’
    • ‘The Gateway receiver/amplifier can accommodate four video inputs, either via composite or S-video connections.’


From the initial letter of separated+ video.