Meaning of saag in English:


Pronunciation /sɑːɡ/


(also sag)
  • Spinach or another leafy vegetable.

    ‘At that moment, the string bed in the open courtyard of his village home, surrounded by loved ones and a pot of saag cooking on the family hearth, seems incredibly inviting.’
    • ‘In fact, at one point I found myself sampling a vindaloo simmering sauce with saag, washed it down with an organic espresso from Brazil and followed that with Swiss Emmental fondue and French chocolate!’
    • ‘So while Travis Bickle might have gone in search of coffee and pie on his break, his real-world equivalent is more likely to want a plate of saag and a decent cup of chai.’
    • ‘Saag is a very popular vegetable in India and Pakistan; it is commonly eaten with bread or naan.’


From Hindi sāg.