Main meanings of Saale in English

: Saale1Saale2


Pronunciation /ˈsɑːlə/

proper noun

  • A river of east central Germany. Rising in northern Bavaria near the border with the Czech Republic, it flows 425 km (265 miles) north to join the River Elbe near Magdeburg.

Main meanings of Saale in English

: Saale1Saale2


Pronunciation /ˈzɑːlə/


usually as modifier
  • 1Geology
    The penultimate Pleistocene glaciation in northern Europe, corresponding to the Wolstonian of Britain (and possibly the Riss of the Alps).

    1. 1.1The system of deposits laid down in the Saale glaciation.
      ‘Glacial deposits found in the southern part are probably of Saale age, or even older.’
      • ‘Professor Shotton asked for amplification of the relationships of the Older Till, which the author dated as Saale, to the later drifts.’


1930s from Saale.