Meaning of sabbatical year in English:

sabbatical year


  • 1A year's sabbatical leave.

    ‘This week Askea Parish wishes Fr John Fitzpatrick well as he leaves to begin a sabbatical year.’
    • ‘The award enables agency leaders in western Canada to take a sabbatical year to work on self-designed projects that are intended to benefit the broader voluntary sector.’
    • ‘Paul, who had previously done some punditry for us in his sabbatical year between managing Rennes and Lyon, was added to the team at the start of last season and proved to be a tremendous asset.’
    • ‘In an interview with South East Radio, Dr Walsh said Dr Comiskey will also remain in Dublin after his sabbatical year.’
    • ‘I spent my 1977 sabbatical year in his Department at the Institute of Psychiatry in London.’
    • ‘She is now in the middle of a sabbatical year which she is spending doing research for her Masters degree in biodiversity and conservation.’
    • ‘Employees would receive no pay during the sabbatical year, but would be free to travel or take on another job if they wished.’
    • ‘Smith and his wife, Devora, loved living in Israel so much that the sabbatical year turned into seven years.’
    • ‘When Dad had a sabbatical year in 1962, he and Mom took the four of us children to live in Europe, and we spent a summer in Bavaria, in the foothills of the Alps.’
    • ‘We also thank our respective universities for financial support during our 1997-98 sabbatical year in Venice, Verona, and Paris.’
    • ‘This edition is late in getting posted because the editor has now returned to teaching (part time this year) after his sabbatical year and is having trouble adjusting to the pace.’
    • ‘For a while, the tendency was to accept visiting positions in academic institutions, but soon the sabbatical year became an opportunity to work in any field that paid well.’
    • ‘Supposedly at least, he is a man of the written word, an academic who has taken a sabbatical year in Berlin in order to write a study of Titian.’
    • ‘The entire nation will reap long-term benefits through better-educated and more-inspired students, and short-term benefits from the kinds of projects that individual teachers will undertake in their sabbatical years.’
    • ‘An expert on algebraic topology, Lewis spent a year as a fellow at Germany's University of Göttingen and two sabbatical years at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology.’
    • ‘She held this administrative position through her recent sabbatical year, and returned in July, 2000 to the newly created administrative position of Associate Dean for Education and Faculty Development.’
    • ‘After sixteen years of intense competition flying, with six World championships and four European championships plus the world record free distance in my name, the time has come for me to take a sabbatical year without competitions.’
    • ‘This research was initiated by the first author during a sabbatical year at the University of Hawaii where colleagues extended many favors.’
    • ‘A sabbatical year in the mid-1990s, spent in England, provided a period of immersion in qualitative research, through affiliation with a group of feminist psychologists.’
    • ‘After several years as professor at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, my friend Gerald L. Jones invited me to spend a sabbatical year at the University of Notre Dame.’
  • 2(in biblical times) a year observed every seventh year under the Mosaic law as a ‘sabbath’ during which the land was allowed to rest.

    ‘One miracle that the land exhibited was that every six years there was a bumper crop so that the Jews could take the seventh year - the sabbatical year - off from labor.’
    • ‘In the jubilee legislation of Leviticus 25, after every seven sabbatical years all slaves were to be released, the debts of the poor cancelled, and the land left fallow and returned to the original distribution among families and clans.’
    • ‘The word ‘Sabbath’ applies not only to high days but to sabbatical years which also have fixed dates.’
    • ‘George calls attention to a similar service provided by Moses' sabbatical year during which all farming ceases.’
    • ‘The most likely time for such a dispute would be during a Jewish Sabbatical year, when the Jews would neither sow nor harvest their crops.’