Meaning of Sabin vaccine in English:

Sabin vaccine

Pronunciation /ˈseɪbɪn/


  • A vaccine against poliomyelitis containing attenuated virus and given by mouth.

    ‘The oral vaccine - known as the Sabin vaccine - is made from weakened polio viruses.’
    • ‘The downside arises from this very advantage - since the Sabin vaccine is a live virus it has a small risk of causing polio in those who are immunized directly or indirectly.’
    • ‘Some manufacturers have been attempting to prepare IPV using Sabin vaccine viruses as the base, instead of laboratory-maintained fully neurovirulent wild-virus stocks.’
    • ‘On Tuesday, the Department of Health announced two infants had shown symptoms of being infected with polio after taking the orally-administered Sabin vaccine.’
    • ‘The Committee reported on the risk of paralytic polio due to Sabin vaccine in comparison with that of disease in the absence of immunization, and concluded that the benefit justified the risk.’


1950s named after Albert B. Sabin (1906–93), American virologist.