Meaning of sabreur in English:


Pronunciation /saˈbrəː/


  • A cavalryman or fencer using a sabre.

    ‘Factor this in for a 3-fencer sabre team and you have a cost of $597 per fencer - just about two and a half times more than a classical sabreur would have to invest.’
    • ‘The dorsal surface of the forearm of a sabreur in the guard of second is particularly exposed.’
    • ‘The modern sabreur plays a game of priority of one cut over another cut and like the foilist, creates situations and provokes responses from the opponent to allow him to score points.’
    • ‘Put effective point work into your sabre game, where no one else employs the point, and you will become a devastating sabreur.’
    • ‘Unlike foil and épée, where only hits with the tip of the blade count, sabreurs can score with any part of the blade’
    • ‘Men's sabreur Keeth Smart is the 2002 national champion in fencing.’


French, from sabrer ‘strike with a sabre’.