Meaning of sachet in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsaʃeɪ/

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  • 1British A small sealed bag or packet containing a small quantity of something.

    ‘a sachet of sugar’
    • ‘She provided some light entertainment by first struggling to open a sachet of sauce for her sushi, then struggling even to open a bag of crisps (she eventually used the chopsticks from the sushi to poke a hole in the bag).’
    • ‘Also, if you eat at pubs like the Hogshead or a Wetherspoon, take advantage of their condiment selection - you never know when a sachet of mustard, ketchup or mayonnaise might come in handy.’
    • ‘She had difficulty understanding that Barbara would appreciate a dressing for the salad, but a sachet of mayonnaise eventually appeared.’
    • ‘Today a large sachet of Tea Tree & Mint Shower Gel fell through the door.’
    • ‘The Innkeeper emptied a sachet of Cadbury's drinking chocolate into a mug and went out the back to turn the kettle on.’
    • ‘She places an empty sachet of tartare sauce under a pepperpot so it doesn't blow away.’
    • ‘If you get a take-away, you'll be asked if you want a little sachet of sambal to go with it.’
    • ‘When Irene said ‘yes’ Cheryl added a sachet of salt.’
    • ‘Patients first drink a sachet of orange juice or citric acid.’
    • ‘I generally try to load cameras well before a dive, and wedge a small sachet of silica gel in a corner of the housing.’
    • ‘Tarnish, as with silver, can be prevented by storing your jewellery in resealable plastic bag together with a sachet of silica gel.’
    • ‘The girls are not allowed to step out of the conclaves, even to buy so much as a bar of soap or a sachet of shampoo.’
    • ‘Still I insisted, because when you buy a plant or a little sachet of seeds, what you really buy is the dream, the possibility of it growing and blossoming and making you feel so proud.’
    • ‘Melissa took some water out and a sachet of ice tea and began mixing ice tea.’
    • ‘A range of sauces in sachets was available on each table.’
    • ‘I helped myself to sachets of ketchup and tartare sauce and tucked into my fish.’
    • ‘Still a good eat, with a sachet of ketchup available and typical Samuel Smith low prices.’
    • ‘Shaking her head, Jess swirled a fourth sachet of sugar into her half-empty cup.’
    • ‘She was too busy helping herself to his coffee and emptying two sachets of sugar into it.’
    • ‘Peel back film and stir sachet of sauce into chilli.’
  • 2A small bag containing dried scented material such as lavender, used to scent clothes.

    ‘This is the place to pick up your souvenirs - lavender sachets, toilettes, colognes, soaps, and, strictly to be consumed on the premises, home-made lavender ice-cream.’
    • ‘Place scented sachets into your dresser drawers and closet’
    • ‘You can smell the lavender sachets on them, if not indeed the mothballs, and they seem to be made up of faded photographs and yellowing newspaper clippings.’
    • ‘Chamomile can be blended with other herbs to enhance its already wonderful scent in sachets, essential baths, etc.’
    • ‘Make sachets of dried lavender or equal portions of rosemary and mint.’
    • ‘A lavender sachet under your pillow or a snack high in simple carbohydrates (like cereal or a muffin) shortly before bed may also be beneficial.’
    • ‘When dried it can be used whole for wreaths and centerpieces or crushed to use in sachets for closets or drawers or to scent a bath.’
    • ‘Lavender buds make wonderful smelling sachets, as do dried citrus rinds and dried flowers.’
    • ‘The sachets will impart a pleasant scent as well as keep moths away.’
    • ‘Or hang a small sachet of lavender flowers from your rearview mirror to mask stale-smelling air.’
    • ‘I also blessed a dream catcher to hang over their beds, and made a sachet of lavender and hops to put under their pillows.’
    • ‘This bag can then be put into a hot bath like a tea bag, or used as a sachet for your guest's clothes.’
    • ‘Before you put your clothes away for the winter, insert a fabric softener sheet or lavender sachet to keep them smelling fresh for next season.’
    • ‘For invitations send out little gingham sachets of dried herbs (from last year's harvest) with a tag telling the recipient about the luncheon including the date and time.’
    • ‘The dried flowers can be used in a potpourri and in herb sachets, and the essential oil can be included in natural cosmetic preparations and ointments.’
    • ‘Make your own lavender sachets to keep stored linens fresh.’
    • ‘Clear out a bureau drawer or two and place a welcoming lightly scented sachet inside, with a few protective sheets of tissue to line.’
    • ‘Set this serene-smelling sachet on the bedside, and you'll be off to Dreamland.’
    1. 2.1 archaic mass noun Dried, scented material for use in scenting clothes.


Mid 19th century (in sachet (sense 2 of the noun)): from French, ‘little bag’, diminutive of sac, from Latin saccus ‘sack, bag’.