Meaning of sack lunch in English:

sack lunch


informal North American
  • A packed lunch.

    • ‘He had brought to school a sack lunch: sandwich, fruit, cookies.’
    • ‘I bring a healthful sack lunch, so I can get to my yoga class on time.’
    • ‘He'll get his lunch, a sack lunch which will be served to him at breakfast so he can opt to take it to the yard or eat it when he returns back to his cell.’
    • ‘Children who did not have breakfast may be hungry and eat their lunch on the bus in route to camp - or, in the worst-case scenario, there might not be appropriate items available for a sack lunch at home.’
    • ‘Well, we've probably all traded something at one time or another, right, even if it was only a sack lunch in grade school.’
    • ‘Then he literally runs into Laura in the hallway as she drops by to bring Rob the sack lunch he accidentally left at home.’
    • ‘We scrambled to gather a sack lunch, pull on a good pair of walking shoes, and get to the bus station on time.’
    • ‘Being a vegetarian and completely not trusting the cafeteria staff's ability to whip up anything remotely resembling a salad, I brought a sack lunch to school every day.’
    • ‘Andrea followed Roxy through the lunch line, though she didn't take any food since she had brought her own sack lunch from home that she carried at her side.’
    • ‘Aaron grinned and plopped down in the seat, thunking his sack lunch on the table.’
    • ‘She refused to go near the cafeteria, where Carl and others like him tended to congregate, and most of the time she was lucky to get up in time to make it to school before the bell rang, much less get up early enough to make herself a sack lunch.’
    • ‘‘Morning,’ she greeted them coldly, removing a sack lunch from her backpack.’
    • ‘She stood uncertainly in the doorway, her sack lunch clutched tightly in her right hand, wondering where she would sit.’
    • ‘The audience is invited to bring a sack lunch for this ‘Lunch and Learn’ presentation.’
    • ‘Mom shoved a sack lunch into my hands and kissed me on the temple.’
    • ‘Another girl sat down to the right of Ladybug and pulled out a sack lunch.’
    • ‘Sam had already slung his bag over his shoulder, carrying his sack lunch in his other hand.’
    • ‘If not, you'll want to bring along a sack lunch, as well as enough cash to pay for fills or other incidentals.’
    • ‘What ever happened to the cheap, noble sack lunch?’
    • ‘Start your mornings with a complimentary continental breakfast, and shop the local market for fresh produce, baguette, prosciutto and Camembert cheese to prepare your hiker's sack lunch.’