Meaning of sacrament of reconciliation in English:

sacrament of reconciliation


(also sacrament of penance)
  • (chiefly in the Roman Catholic Church) the practice of private confession of sins to a priest and the receiving of absolution.

    ‘But the sacrament of reconciliation, conceivably the most relevant comfort the church can provide prisoners, is not available where priests are absent.’
    • ‘Despite evidence that fewer Catholics partake of the sacrament of reconciliation, I have observed that virtually all in attendance at Mass receive the Eucharist.’
    • ‘Those who are conscious of being in a state of grave sin should avail themselves of the sacrament of reconciliation before coming to Holy Communion.’
    • ‘There will also be an opportunity for pilgrims to receive the sacrament of reconciliation - - where Catholics ask and receive forgiveness for their sins.’
    • ‘If I remember correctly from my sacramental theology courses years ago, the basis for the sacrament of reconciliation is Jesus’ coming to the Apostles after the Resurrection and saying, ‘Peace be with you’.’
    • ‘Wills says that ‘it might surprise Catholics to know that the sacrament of penance did not exist in Augustine's fourth century.’’
    • ‘But on the whole, I find the Church to be enormously helpful, particularly in the sacrament of penance.’
    • ‘The sacrament of penance was once so commonplace that few Catholics took much notice of it.’
    • ‘It is true that frequent confession was hardly ever the norm throughout church history; indeed, the whole form and function of what is now called the sacrament of reconciliation underwent enormous changes over time.’
    • ‘There will be time for the sacrament of reconciliation, prayer and reflection.’
    • ‘The sacrament of penance will be administered to the pupils of The Neale school on March 8th, with first communion scheduled for Sunday May 8th 2005.’
    • ‘The Catholic Church cannot allow confession using these means because confidentiality is very important to the sacrament of penance and reconciliation.’
    • ‘The secret of the sacrament of reconciliation is sacred, and cannot be violated under any pretext.’