Meaning of sad to say in English:

sad to say

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  • Unfortunately, regrettably.

    ‘sad to say, science is no longer pure’
    • ‘I'm sad to say that I regretted my decision to come the moment I stepped in.’
    • ‘I'm sad to say that my success as a basketball scientist was short-lived.’
    • ‘Yes, sad to say, but American hegemony puts more money in the hands of those who believe everything is fair in business and in war.’
    • ‘The meal itself was bland and flavourless; it's sad to say that a supermarket microwave meal would have been more exciting and better value for money.’
    • ‘I really detest most of the food in this category, I'm sad to say.’
    • ‘It's sad to say that my parting memory of Safeway - finally gobbled up by Morrison's - will be of rip-off special deals.’
    • ‘But Ireland v Scotland, sad to say, is a sideshow this weekend; the main event is in Paris where France take on the English.’
    • ‘I'm very sad to say that I didn't take advantage of the Missing Hour.’
    • ‘Big Engine was a small UK-based sci-fi publisher, and, sad to say, it went the way of many another big engine - it sort of blew up.’
    • ‘The quest for a healthier life was not advanced this weekend, sad to say.’
    unluckily, sadly, regrettably, unhappily, woefully, lamentably, alas, sad to say, sad to relate