Meaning of saddle joint in English:

saddle joint

Pronunciation /ˈsadl dʒɔɪnt/


  • 1Engineering
    A joint between metal pipes in which one pipe is cut to fit around the other. Also: a metal joint, used chiefly with sheet metal, in which the edge of one member is bent over the upturned edge of the next.

  • 2Anatomy Zoology
    A bone joint in which the articulating surfaces are convex in one direction and concave in the other, allowing movement in two axes.

  • 3A joint in which the ends of adjoining blocks are shaped to direct rainwater away from the mortar in the joint.

  • 4Woodworking
    A joint used to join an upright timber to a horizontal one, formed by cutting a notch in one timber to receive a corresponding projection or tenon cut in the other.


Mid 19th century. From saddle + joint.