Meaning of saddle track in English:

saddle track


New Zealand
  • A rough path or road suitable only for riders or walkers, not vehicles.

    ‘this route follows the saddle track for more than a mile’
    • ‘His body was recovered from a steep rocky gut off the Cascade Saddle track.’
    • ‘For the more energetic, this saddle track takes at least five hours and runs along beside the ski field road.’
    • ‘He was rescued this afternoon after falling several metres on the Gertrude Saddle track in Fiordland.’
    • ‘The body was found after a search by helicopter of a section of the saddle track.’
    • ‘They happened to see her today on the saddle track, and brought her home.’
    • ‘The view from the saddle track over The Hazards highlights the beautiful curving, brilliant white sand beach.’
    • ‘The cable trolley and hoist were operated by a steam engine set on a car at the foot of the tower, running parallel to the saddle track.’
    • ‘Darkness was descending, with the thick, impenetrable blackness of the bush, and we had just time to cross the saddle track and strike the head waters of the Wannon River.’
    • ‘The track swings right and climbs again to reach a signposted junction with the Cone saddle track and the track to Walls Whare camp site.’