Meaning of saddler in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsadlə/

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  • Someone who makes, repairs, or deals in saddlery.

    ‘It's already happening: vets, farriers, nutritionists and saddlers are working together and the benefits of complementary techniques that are backed up by science are being recognised.’
    • ‘Bahnm also maintains a list of holistic vets and approved therapists, remedial farriers and saddlers.’
    • ‘I have since contacted several saddlers also the president of the guild of master saddlers at Albion saddlers to seek their opinions and advice, letters enclosed.’
    • ‘They've grown up, married and are now raising the second generation of saddlers for future riders.’
    • ‘Among the post's 631 men were bakers, blacksmiths, bricklayers, carpenters, masons, painters, plasterers, plumbers, saddlers, tinsmiths, and wheelwrights.’
    • ‘The easiest way to estimate his weight is to use a weightape, which you can buy from most saddlers or feed merchants.’
    • ‘Major towns had specialized guilds for different trades and London had a great variety of both mercantile guilds, such as grocers, goldsmiths, and vintners, and manufacturers like tailors and saddlers.’
    • ‘The case also addresses whether compensation should be paid to those who suffer as a result of the ban, such as farriers, saddlers and feed merchants.’
    • ‘In country towns with a population of just a thousand there was likely to be a saddler, blacksmith, coach or implement maker, and grain and fodder merchant, all dependent on the district's horses.’
    • ‘The same legislation will also leave horse owners unable to obtain many commonly used equine products from their local saddler.’
    • ‘John Fry and his wife Elizabeth opened a butcher and baker shop and William Andrews, a saddler of Laura, opened up for business next door.’
    • ‘Most likely an adaptation of the fashionable stovepipe hats of the day, these early hats were usually made by saddlers and leather workers.’
    • ‘Back in Utrecht, he was admitted to the saddlers ' guild, to which painters then belonged.’
    • ‘James Bake, a Manchester saddler with a keen interest in racing and betting, disposed of his business to become a publican and landlord of the Post Office Hotel, the centre of Manchester betting.’
    • ‘There was another piece of evidence that the defence didn't produce and that was that before the police party set out, a saddler in Mansfield had been engaged to attach straps to the horses' harness for the carrying of corpses.’
    • ‘Louis Braille was born in 1809 at the village of Coupvray, twenty-five miles east of Paris, to a saddler and his wife, who named all their children after kings and queens of France.’
    • ‘Combining Emma's experience as a qualified saddler and John's 15 years as a successful National Hunt rider should be a recipe for success.’
    • ‘Initially a saddler by trade, he decided to try his hand at painting after seeing some badly done portraits and thinking he could do better.’
    • ‘In the course of my research, I ran across a superb daguerreotype of a saddler wearing a paper bag for a hat.’
    • ‘Simon, born in 1589, was brought up to be a saddler, but spent much of his life in the army, in Ireland and on the Continent.’