Meaning of safari jacket in English:

safari jacket

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  • A belted lightweight jacket, typically of beige or khaki cotton or linen and having four patch pockets.

    ‘If you are more for the more mature and stylish look, then you can wear a wrap which is oh-so-fashionable nowadays (like the black one below,) or wear a safari jacket (like the whitish khaki one below.)’
    • ‘Sporty graphics and clever environmental slogans adorn Wildlife Works' line of clothing, which includes t-shirts and tank tops for women, a safari jacket, lightweight jackets and men's jersey tees.’
    • ‘Models will present more than 300 memorable outfits, ranging from classics like the safari jacket and the women's tuxedo to brilliantly embroidered jackets recreating the paintings of Picasso and Van Gogh.’
    • ‘The thieves, one sporting a safari jacket and wide-brimmed cream hat and the second a baseball cap, overpowered a female guide before escaping in a waiting car with the masterpiece at 11 am yesterday.’
    • ‘Abramowitz's other gripe is unfortunately accurate as well: Episode baddie William Culbraith's evil potential was squandered when they dressed him in a goofy safari jacket.’
    • ‘Twenty years ago, or even ten, it took a huge infrastructure to allow one guy in a safari jacket to report from places like Baghdad and pretend he knew what was going on there.’
    • ‘Under his safari jacket he wears a pistol in a holster on his belt and rarely steps outside the palace complex without his black bullet-proof vest and armoured four-wheel drive.’
    • ‘He's wearing a cream safari jacket, white polo shirt, a dark blue cap pulled down over his forehead and huge, black-framed sunglasses.’
    • ‘The Duke fished in the pockets of his safari jacket for his cigarettes and lighter, found both and lit up.’
    • ‘Arif Shah dons his Attenborough safari jacket and trawls through the funding jungle.’
    • ‘The sleeves on a sage brocade safari jacket were eye-catching and a pink Chantilly lace top with a champagne satin suit were simply darling.’
    • ‘Imagine my glee when I walked into Goodwill then a couple of days ago and found a powder blue safari jacket with dark blue trim.’
    • ‘Imagine the disappointment if they'd had to turn in their khaki safari jackets and go back to reporting dull stories about Medicare.’
    • ‘Some of the more popular styles out there where men's spring outerwear is concerned include military-inspired and safari jackets, leather, and even corduroy, which is usually a popular fabric for fall and winter.’
    • ‘The jackets were cut into things almost resembling safari jackets, with ventilation slits along the sleeves and across the back.’
    • ‘Like many other designers in Milan, Cavalli's heart was in Africa, with safari jackets, animal prints and crochet dresses that, from a distance, looked like tattooed skin.’
    • ‘As with women's fashions, safari style is a hit this summer worn with flat front trousers, teamed with safari jackets and western style shirts to give a contemporary edge to a sixties favourite.’