Meaning of Sahiwal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɑːhɪvɑːl/ /ˈsɑːhɪwɑːl/


  • An animal of a breed of cattle which originated in Pakistan but is now used in other tropical regions. Sahiwals have small horns and a hump on the back of the neck.

    • ‘The Sahiwal is a Zebu breed that has been selected for milk production rather than for beef production.’
    • ‘However, recent studies have involved other Bos indices sire breeds such as the Boran, Nellore, and Sahiwal.’
    • ‘As Bos indicus may also have been introduced in Iberia, data on six breeds from this lineage were also included (Butana, Kenana, Tharparker, Sahiwal, Gobra, Maure).’


Early 20th century from the name of a town in the central Punjab, Pakistan.



/ˈsɑːhɪvɑːl/ /ˈsɑːhɪwɑːl/