Meaning of salade niçoise in English:

salade niçoise

Pronunciation /ˌsalɑːd niːˈswɑːz/

nounsalades niçoises

mass noun
  • A salad typically including tuna, black olives, hard-boiled eggs, and tomatoes.

    ‘Chef Rod Butters is a genius, and his takes on French classics, like duck with olives, salade niçoise and steak frites are wonderful.’
    • ‘Lunch might be salade niçoise or chicken Riesling; dinner sautéed skate beurre noir, duck confit or steak au poivre. ‘The thing we could never afford to get wrong,’ Riad Nasr says, ‘was the French fries.'’
    • ‘It was followed by a kind of salade niçoise, containing slices of raw tuna sitting on the lettuce and braised tuna mashed in the American style (in a tasty olive-and-citrus dressing) layered, like sediment, on the bottom of the dish.’
    • ‘We go into St Tropez once or twice a week to visit an outdoor restaurant that serves delicious fish with garlic - and, of course, there's Club 55, which does a great salade niçoise and onion tart.’


French, ‘salad from Nice’.