Meaning of Salafism in English:



See Salafi

  • ‘Salafism is a strain of Islam that seeks to restore the faith to the way it was in the days of the prophet Muhammad, 14 centuries ago.’
  • ‘Although Ibn Taymiyya's medieval theology is important to the contemporary Salafists, Salafism had its true origins in modern times, in the reform movement at Sunni Islam's Egyptian core in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.’
  • ‘There is consensus among a wide array of our contacts that Salafism is on the rise, with some characterizing it as "a wave sweeping the country" and "nothing short of a major societal shift."’
  • ‘Salafism is a Protestant-type reform movement that seeks to go back to the original Islamic sources and slough off medieval glosses.’
  • ‘Salafism is considered the fastest-growing branch of Islam there.’