Meaning of salami in English:


Pronunciation /səˈlɑːmi/

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nounsalami, salamis

mass noun
  • A type of highly seasoned sausage, originally from Italy, usually eaten cold in slices.

    ‘a crusty roll with some salami’
    • ‘Village shops that once sold their ham in coffin-shaped tins, now peddle vac-packed slices of salami and prosciutto crudo, and this must surely be a step in the right direction.’
    • ‘Between dives, I enjoy the local food - grilled meat and smoked ham, salted pilchards, sheep's cheese, paprika salami, Slavonian spicy sausages and so on.’
    • ‘I also scarfed a plate of charcuterie which featured decent chorizo, a peppered salami and some sort of good cured pork loin which reminded me of Corsican lonzo, but could have been from anywhere, I'm no expert.’
    • ‘There are as many forms of salami in Italy as there are recipes for brown soda bread in Ireland.’
    • ‘Portuguese supermarkets have rows of salami and sausage.’
    • ‘Fortunately they were waiting for us and long tables were filled with pitchers of red and white wine, baskets of bread and plates of salami and prosciutto crudo - all of which was gone within minutes.’
    • ‘Serve the roasted halves on crisp toast spread with a mild citrus-flavored cheese for a fine first course; double the portions and add pink curls of prosciutto or thin slices of aromatic salami to make a light lunch dish.’
    • ‘I went for a new one, The Western, which has ham, chicken, pepperoni and Italian salami in addition to the pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese.’
    • ‘Then one friend bit into the Gustoso - layers of mortadella, Genoa salami, and provolone on a crusty brown Vienna roll.’
    • ‘Slices of ham, salami and capicollo topped with a few black olives and some marinated garden vegetables make up the appetizer.’
    • ‘The marinated Vietnamese salami is seasoned with dried onion and tastes similar to ham but includes several kinds of spices, making it a little pungent.’
    • ‘Finely slice the fennel salami, and place on the plate with the mozzarella.’
    • ‘When our turn came we helped ourselves to piles of rocket and Parmesan, salami and Parma ham, slices of buffalo mozzarella interleaved with juicy, ripe tomatoes and a couple of portions of saltimbocca.’
    • ‘They come here for salamis, sausages, cheeses, vegetables and seasoning - and how beautiful it is by comparison to the supermarkets and retail parks of western Europe.’
    • ‘We also make salamis, chorizos and cotechinos, whose combined lifespan will be between three and six months.’
    • ‘Move past the hot foods, and find a deli stocked not only with your basic hams, salamis, and turkey breast, but also with the most exotic and obscure French, Italian, and German meats a shopper can conjure.’
    • ‘As for the delights of the deli counter - dips and cheeses, olives and pastries, salamis, grilled Mediterranean vegetables, cured meats - all my Christmases come at once.’
    • ‘Though they were all tasty, the best of the bunch was the salami - nicely spicy, and very tender, nothing like the hard discs you find topping pre-packed pizza.’
    • ‘Finocchiona is a fat, loose-textured, soft salami typical of Tuscany.’
    • ‘We began with a plate of Antipasta with eggplant marinated in extra virgin olive oil as well as rice salad, bell peppers and potato, a bowl of garden salad tossed with oregano and another plate of assorted salami.’


Italian, plural of salame, from a late Latin word meaning ‘to salt’.