Meaning of salariat in English:


Pronunciation /səˈlɛːrɪət/


the salariat
  • Salaried white-collar workers.

    ‘the public-sector salariat’
    • ‘The assemblies will, however, entirely change the face of local government - giving far greater opportunity for the salariat to flourish.’
    • ‘Scotland no longer has a middle class, either on the Victorian entrepreneurial model or within the Marxist concept of the bourgeoisie: instead, it has a Soviet-style nomenklatura, a public-sector salariat living well.’
    • ‘In a review of Naguib Mahfouz's work in this book, Ghosh argues that the claim often made for Mahfouz's work, that it was a microcosm of Egyptian life, is deluded because Mahfouz's subject is the urban salariat, narrowly defined.’
    • ‘Those in the service class or salariat exercise delegated authority or specialized knowledge and expertise on behalf of their employing organization.’


Early 20th century from French, from salaire ‘salary’, on the pattern of prolétariat ‘proletariat’.