Meaning of saleslady in English:



  • A saleswoman.

    • ‘My Aunt Dot was donating two days a week as a saleslady at the United Nations Gift Shop, which was a charity enterprise that sold globes and flags and little sculptures that you'd never want in your house.’
    • ‘The oh-so-helpful saleslady measured my feet.’
    • ‘The smothering saleslady held the dress up to me.’
    • ‘The saleslady smiled and prompted, ‘Would you like to pay for those now, so I can remove the tags?’’
    • ‘He ask the kindly saleslady to select some ten books that has romance as a subject, the lady gladly helped him and picked up some of the thickest books he had ever bought.’
    vendor, retailer, purveyor, shopkeeper, supplier, stockist, trader, merchant, dealer