Meaning of salesperson in English:


nounsalespersons, salespeople

  • A salesman or saleswoman (used as a neutral alternative).

    • ‘In the showroom John McCormack is the Principal salesman with three expert salespeople working under him.’
    • ‘Most of the top directors are totally unreachable and it's the poor salespersons or customer service departments that become front line. Of course being assertive comes with practice and confidence.’
    • ‘Not many salespersons can give the right information; many turn to the owner or the manager who has more experience.’
    • ‘The service is unobtrusive and the salespersons know what they are selling.’
    • ‘No sooner has the salesperson sold you the hi-fi, radio or washing machine than they offer you an extended warranty in case it goes wrong.’
    salesman, saleswoman, sales assistant, assistant, shop assistant, saleslady, salesgirl, seller, negotiator, representative, sales representative, agent
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