Meaning of salinity in English:


Pronunciation /səˈlɪnɪti/

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mass noun
  • The quality or degree of being saline.

    ‘the salinity of the water is high’
    • ‘low salinities occur in the Baltic’
    • ‘There's been a quiet revolution in the science supporting salinity which perhaps hasn't been widely enough appreciated yet.’
    • ‘We have blue-green algae outbreaks, we have dryland salinity, we have erosion and soil acidification.’
    • ‘We have the issue of salinity, which is particularly Australian.’
    • ‘Land clearing is a very important aspect of the action plan against salinity.’
    • ‘Tidal action increases the salinity upstream during the dry season.’
    • ‘We know from models it could actually change some of the ocean salinity.’
    • ‘In 2004, scientists estimated that the Salton Sea contains 25 per cent more salinity than the ocean.’
    • ‘They need to use their water more efficiently, to grow new, more valuable crops and help prevent the spread of salinity.’
    • ‘This presents a stressful condition in dilute salinities that must be met by active ion uptake.’
    • ‘We will be acclimating hatching crocodiles to varying salinities, from fresh water to full-strength seawater.’