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Pronunciation /ˈsamən/

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nounplural noun salmon

  • 1A large edible fish that is a popular sporting fish, much prized for its pink flesh. Salmon mature in the sea but migrate to freshwater streams to spawn.

    Family Salmonidae (the salmon family): the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), which sometimes returns to spawn two or three times, and five species of Pacific salmon (genus Oncorhynchus), which always die after spawning. The salmon family also includes trout, charr, whitefish, and their relatives

    ‘Grilse salmon and sea trout spawn in Miller Beck along with brown trout, and enter it from the River Leven after swimming in from Morecambe Bay.’
    • ‘But environmentalists claim pollution from cod farms could endanger already depleted Atlantic salmon and sea trout populations.’
    • ‘Fish passes work like ladders, allowing the migrating sea trout and salmon to leap from one stage to the next over the weirs, which can be as high as five metres.’
    • ‘Many say that the lough was never so quiet, fewer and fewer anglers fishing for the past two or three weeks, and the ones who are out are mainly anglers trolling for either big Ferox trout or salmon.’
    • ‘In the twentieth century, cod, striped bass, tuna, and marlin were the principal commercial fish, while anglers prized eastern trout and Atlantic salmon.’
    • ‘A few of the marine species that return to freshwater to spawn include sea lamprey, Atlantic sturgeon, alewife, Atlantic salmon, and American eel.’
    • ‘Mature salmon and trout were taken from the Shimna last autumn to a state-of-the-art hatchery in Bushmills, Co.’
    • ‘The Hoddom stretch of the River Annan is fast becoming one of my favourite places to fish for sea trout and salmon.’
    • ‘It is hoped work will be completed in time for the autumn run of sea trout and salmon, who will for the first time be able to make their way to the productive spawning grounds in the upper reaches of the Yarrow.’
    • ‘Choosing a classic spate river on a Hebridean island in mid-September would normally provide a pretty good chance of rain, a run of sea trout and salmon.’
    • ‘In the past the name game fishing was given to describe the taking of trout, sea trout and salmon by fly fishing.’
    • ‘Once the adult salmon have re-entered freshwater, they do not feed.’
    • ‘The proposal to add 18 inches to the dam could help rehabilitate the salmon fish stocks by artificially inducing the returning salmon to spawn.’
    • ‘Their aim is to create environmentally sustainable farming practices that are compatible with the protection of migratory runs of wild salmon and sea trout.’
    • ‘Both salmon and trout grow faster in deep, low-velocity pools than in shallow, high-velocity riffles.’
    • ‘Nets would have also been used to net off sections of rivers or even complete rivers to trap migratory fish such as salmon, trout and sea trout.’
    • ‘Anyone aged 12 or over who fishes for salmon, trout, freshwater fish or eels in England or Wales must have an Environment Agency rod fishing licence.’
    • ‘Little commercial fishing continues for wild Atlantic salmon, a fish that has experienced a dramatic collapse over the past two decades and may be in serious danger of extinction.’
    • ‘Young Atlantic salmon in streams eat mainly the larvae of aquatic insects such as blackflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, and chironomids.’
    • ‘Anadromous salmon migrate into this river in July and August to spawn during October and November.’
    1. 1.1mass noun The flesh of the salmon as food.
      ‘Other foods such as salmon, sardines, white beans, tofu and collard greens also contain significant amounts of calcium.’
      • ‘So I urge you to eat omega - 3-rich foods like salmon and mackerel several times a week.’
      • ‘Oily fish such as herring, kippers, mackerel, pilchards, salmon, sardines and trout, contain oils that can lessen the risk of thrombosis.’
      • ‘One of the more popular starters is the seafood platter, which holds mussels, smoked salmon, oysters, taramasalata and smoked mackerel.’
      • ‘Drizzle some oil from fennel over salmon and sprinkle with sea salt.’
      • ‘For a main course I ordered a kedgeree of salmon and haddock with curry butter.’
      • ‘The Omega 3 fatty acids found in oily fish such as mackerel, herring, sardines, tuna and salmon will also thin the blood and help prevent blood clots.’
      • ‘Sources of DHA include salmon, halibut, mackerel, sardines and herring.’
      • ‘Starters include prawns, oysters, crab-sticks, salmon and cold cuts, plus salads and various sauces.’
      • ‘It was indeed a delicious meeting of pieces of halibut, cod, salmon, prawns and mussels in a creamy sauce.’
      • ‘Place the foie gras, salmon, and red mullet in the olive oil mixture until the fish is cooked, about six to eight minutes.’
      • ‘Fish is most beneficial for the body when it comes in an oily form such as mackerel, trout or salmon.’
      • ‘Just grab a can of tuna or salmon, two whole-wheat pitas, your bottle of low-fat salad dressing, and a can opener, and throw them in a lunch bag.’
      • ‘Lee emphasizes unsaturated fats contained in olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, salmon and mackerel.’
      • ‘For a couple of bucks more, you can personalize your dish from a list of extras such as sausages, mussels, salmon, shrimp or provolone.’
      • ‘The selection of pastas includes Angel Hair pasta with salmon, lemon and pecorino cheese.’
      • ‘For Ann, the lemon and coriander poached salmon, dill, crème fraiche and cucumber ribbons open sandwich couldn't be bettered.’
      • ‘Vitamin D is also in such foods as salmon and egg yolks.’
      • ‘The salmon with pink grapefruit hollandaise is another combination that works really well.’
      • ‘The American Heart Association suggests the healthy people eat at least two weekly servings of fish, such as salmon, lake trout or albacore tuna.’
  • 2usually with modifier Any of a number of fishes resembling the salmon.

    ('Australian salmon') a large green and silver fish of Australasian inshore waters, popular as a game fish (Arripis trutta, family Arripidae).
    a prized food fish of the drum family (Sciaenidae), in particular the Cape salmon of the Indian Ocean (Atractoscion aequidens) and sea trouts of the western Atlantic (genus Cynoscion).

    ‘The best fish to use is Cape salmon (gelbeck) and cod (hyabeljou), but smock or other firm-fleshed fish may also be used.’
    • ‘Depending on the time of year and the movements of the fish in False Bay, we fish where we know the fish will be feeding. Inshore fishing trips predominantly target yellowtail and cape snoek. Cape salmon, kob and various species of reef fish are also caught.’
  • 3mass noun A pale pink colour.

    as modifier ‘cotton checked throw in cream and salmon pink’
    • ‘ceanothus-clad walls of salmon brick’
    • ‘The open-plan living room has been decorated in warm shades of cream, green, beige, turquoise and salmon, with grass-effect rugs.’
    • ‘In Florida, a Cuban palette of pastels, flamingo pink, and salmon dominates fashion as well as exterior and interior design.’
    • ‘A living room or sitting room with salmon walls will seem cozy without inciting claustrophobia.’
    • ‘Blooms come in yellow, orange, salmon, rose, pink, cream, and white.’
    • ‘T. majus flowers come in yellow, orange, red, copper, salmon, and pink and can be single or double.’


Middle English samoun, from Anglo-Norman French saumoun, from Latin salmo, salmon-. The spelling with -l- is influenced by Latin.