Meaning of same difference in English:

same difference


  • Used to express the speaker's belief that two or more things are essentially the same, in spite of apparent differences.

    • ‘‘Jesuits, Christians, same difference’, the doctor said’
    • ‘By the way James Whittaker writes for the Mirror and not the Star but hey - same difference these days… almost.’
    • ‘On Friday there is a panel discussion by the Juvenile Justice Unit discussing ‘the Needs of Children in Conflict with the Law versus the Needs of Vulnerable Children, - Not the same difference?’’
    • ‘Copper Quarter, Gold Nickel same difference, it's a form of currency.’
    • ‘Think of a bigger-budget version of The Story of Ricky, with a school substituting for a prison - some would say same difference - and over-the-top action in place of over-the-top gore, and you've pretty much got it.’
    • ‘Yeah, some folks call them consciences, I call them personalities, same difference.’
    • ‘I think she's thrilled… or infuriated, same difference.’
    • ‘Watching a movie star is like being in love… or lust… same difference.’
    • ‘After two long hours of just rubbing his forehead, okay so maybe it was just two minutes, same difference though, I was getting tired of just waiting for his stupid migraine to heal.’
    • ‘But still what if she got pregnant last night, or early this morning, same difference.’
    • ‘Well, I think it came out more like an extremely smug smirk, but same difference, right?’