Meaning of Samoyedic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsaməˈjɛdɪk/ /ˌsamɔɪˈjɛdɪk/


mass noun
  • A group of Uralic languages of northern Siberia, of which the most widely spoken is Nenets.

    • ‘Negation in Samoyedic is expressed by a negative verb.’


  • Relating to the Samoyeds or their languages.

    ‘The Nentsy (also known as the Yurak) are one of five Samoyedic peoples, which also include the Entsy, Nganasany, Sel'kupy, and Kamas (who became extinct as a group in the years following World War I ).’
    • ‘Nenets is part of the Samoyedic group of Uralic languages and has two main dialects: Forest and Tundra.’