Meaning of sandshoe crusher in English:

sandshoe crusher


Australian Cricket
  • A ball pitched at the batsman's feet.

    ‘he was beaten by a dynamite sandshoe crusher’
    • ‘His attempt at a sandshoe crusher smashed into the stunned batsman's thigh in front of the stumps.’
    • ‘He sent down one hell of a sandshoe crusher to the batsman.’
    • ‘He produced a "sandshoe crusher", which struck the batsman on the foot right in front of middle stump.’
    • ‘He arrows a sandshoe crusher to Harris.’
    • ‘He had an X-ray on a suspected foot injury sustained when Johnson fired a sandshoe crusher into his right boot.’
    • ‘He might have taken a knock on the foot from that sandshoe crusher that got him out.’
    • ‘That sandshoe crusher could be as important as his wickets.’
    • ‘You'd think a couple of those sandshoe crushers might be just the ticket here.’
    • ‘He produced the two best deliveries of the day, a pair of identical sandshoe crushers that felled the stumps.’
    • ‘The sandshoe crusher sends foot surgeons into a frenzy.’
    • ‘As boys playing cricket, he and his mates loved to bowl a "sandshoe crusher", without knowing its significance.’