Meaning of sangoma in English:


Pronunciation /saŋˈɡɔːma/


  • (in southern Africa) a traditional healer or diviner.

    ‘As a sangoma (traditional healer) who is also medically qualified, I see modern approaches to AIDS reaching an invisible limit as they confront the traditional approaches.’
    • ‘For the most part, these are still widely known only by the sangomas (traditional healers) and have yet to be recognized fully by scientific based western medicine.’
    • ‘Liam will spend a day in a traditional Zulu village where he can meet a sangoma (witch doctor) and enjoy a Zulu meal around a campfire.’
    • ‘The indigenous cultures of South Africa have a very strong belief in the power of their sangomas or witch doctors.’
    • ‘Featuring an exciting mix of local traditional acts and world music bands, highlights include the Tongo band from the Transkei, the Gogos, who will entrance you with their traditional music and performing sangomas.’


From Zulu isangoma.