Meaning of sans serif in English:

sans serif

Pronunciation /san ˈsɛrɪf/

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(also sanserif)
mass nounPrinting
  • A style of type without serifs.

    ‘Serif and sans-serif have no meaning to them, let alone when it's best to use one over the other.’
    • ‘‘Powered by Mallard Fuel Cells’ was written on the sides in white sans-serif.’’


(also sanserif)
  • Without serifs.

    ‘However, most content on sites can be sorted into the family areas of serif, or sans-serif, with either having a decent fit into the scheme of the design.’
    • ‘Each element included the phrase ‘en route’ applied in a highly legible uppercase black sans-serif font, not more than a foot high, bracketed above and below with two bright-blue horizontal bars.’
    • ‘A nice sans-serif typeface would be ideal but is not sufficient to function as a stand-alone identity.’
    • ‘Gill Sans is my favourite sans-serif typeface bar none, but I wouldn't recommend it for body-text of more than a paragraph or so.’
    • ‘The original version had serif numbering, although the typeface was later changed to a sans-serif style.’


Mid 19th century apparently from French sans ‘without’ + serif.