Meaning of santero in English:


Pronunciation /sanˈtɛːrəʊ/

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  • 1(in Mexico and Spanish-speaking areas of the south-western US) a person who makes religious images.

    ‘a visual arts show will include five works by santero Patrocinio Barela’
    • ‘While his works and those of many other accomplished santeros are painted, the Spanish colonial tradition also includes nonpainted santos.’
    • ‘Unfortunately (at least, given the demands of orientalist discourse), as exotic as santero art might be, all the early santeros were male.’
    • ‘These days there are so many santeros (crafters of santos) that one enthusiastic collector says, ‘It's like there's a wood-carver behind every tree.’’
    • ‘These religious affiliations gave the weekly pena a wide base of popular support, and it wasn't long before it expanded to involve numerous local residents, musicians, and santeros.’
    • ‘A Vietnam veteran who after the war loses himself in drugs and failed relationships, Francisco finds his calling as a santero, a maker of bultos (figures of saints carved from wood), whose creations are guided by divine inspiration.’
  • 2A priest of the Santeria folk religion.

    ‘A Manhattan-based santero priestess describes mercury as ‘a magnet that brings luck and love.’’
    • ‘As an anglo santero, for example, you might be playing out the roles inscribed by colonial culture, but you're enacting a taboo - ‘going native.’’
    • ‘Have you considered going to a santero (I'm not sure if the same term is used in Candomblé) and asking for help or advice?’
    • ‘Folk medicine practitioners such as curanderos, spiritualists, and santeros are sometimes consulted when physical symptoms suggest a folk illness such as mal ojo (evil eye) or susto.’
    • ‘A pungent mix of sage and frankincense fumes away in a censer on the front counter, while in the back, a row of nervous customers await their consultation with Obaike, the in-house santero, or spirit doctor.’