Meaning of sarcoplasm in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɑːkə(ʊ)plaz(ə)m/


mass nounPhysiology
  • The cytoplasm of striated muscle cells.

    ‘The changes consisted of disrupted myofibrils, increased numbers of lipid vacuoles in the sarcoplasm, and abnormally small mitochondria containing focal membrane disruptions.’
    • ‘Measurements of the rotational diffusion coefficient of proteins within muscle cells were also employed to obtain information about the physical properties of sarcoplasm.’
    • ‘Electron microscopy, however, is essential for diagnosis, demonstrating the rods as electron-dense structures in the sarcoplasm.’
    • ‘In certain skeletal muscle fibers, namely the red or slow contracting muscle fibers, the nuclei may be found scattered throughout the sarcoplasm.’
    • ‘Within the sarcolemma is the sarcoplasm, containing all the usual subcellular elements plus long prominent myofibrils.’


Late 19th century from Greek sarx, sark- ‘flesh’ + plasma.