Meaning of sardar in English:



(also sirdar)
mainly Indian
  • 1A leader (often used as a proper name)

    ‘the guest house where Sardarji and his family had been housed’
    • ‘Read all this and decide if these are only biased rantings of pseudo-secularists, as the mini sardars and their leaders will have us believe, or is there more to it?’
    • ‘The officers rearranged their chairs in a circle while the sirdar, a bearded man in a white lace skullcap, started serving them.’
    • ‘The SP urged upon the builders to furnish the names and addresses of the labourers, labour contractors and labour sardars along with their two recent passport size photographs to the local police station for verification.’
    • ‘Do you expect any more sardars to be appearing in television commercials?’
    • ‘This is a sardar who knows that, metaphorically speaking, what has meant most to him is not carnal knowledge of a virgin but intellectual knowledge of Virgil.’
  • 2A Sikh (often used as a title or form of address)

    ‘Sardar Sobha Singh’
    • ‘Excuse me sardar sahib, but who has given you the Padma Shri," she asked tauntingly.’



/ˈsəːdɑː/ /səˈdɑː/


From Persian and Urdu sar-dār.