Meaning of sardonicism in English:


Pronunciation /sɑːˈdɒnɪsɪz(ə)m/


See sardonic

‘Their implicit ferocity, however, has been tempered by humor, sardonicism, even understatement, yet the transforming anger of his decency and moral imperative informs everything between the lines.’
  • ‘With his trademark sardonicism, he reflected upon the elaborate systems of belief that provide meaning to human existence in general, and impetus for creative activity in particular.’
  • ‘The six-step breakbeat boogie combines with the suspicious brass of 50s cartoons and dazes Doom's creatures with its blatant sardonicism.’
  • ‘His swaggering intonations are such a signature part of his act, in fact, that it's hard to sit down with a book of his material and block out the meandering sardonicism of his baritone from the inner ear.’
  • ‘The trio surprises a bit, with traces of a pawky Prokofieff sardonicism.’