Meaning of sarky in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɑːki/

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adjectiveadjective sarkier, adjective sarkiest

informal British
  • Sarcastic.

    • ‘And where you'd expect Jack to be his usual sarky, caustic self, he was so unnervingly straight and calm that I could only think of two possible scenarios: lobotomy or Valium.’
    • ‘With deep dark eyes and a heavy frown, even his little sarky jokes and sharp wit, can't conceal the fact that he is one intense dude, who seems to carry the full brunt of the Russian soul on his shoulders.’
    • ‘Thinking back to his sarky statement about Manchester United and the prawn sandwiches, I think there is a great deal in that.’
    • ‘This cross-market crew's the chart-topping reality behind sarky phrases like ‘the pop group it's OK to like‘.’
    • ‘‘Too right I'm glad to be back,’ she told me, ‘the regulars haven't been getting enough sarky comments, but I'm changing all that.’’
    • ‘We don't love music, they say - if we did we'd know how great this band's, or that band, or we'd be so dumbstruck by music's shocking beauties we'd rightly find no words for it at all, at least not the dry or sarky or clever ones we do come up with.’
    • ‘It could come from anywhere - from the devious boss down to the sarky secretary in accounts - and at any time, but the likelihood is that if you had paid closer attention you might have been given some warning of what was coming.’
    • ‘American Splendor has, in its sarky and diffident way, some pretty serious things to say about the disaffected and the disenfranchised in American society, alienated from their jobs and their lives.’
    • ‘Among the Hollywood brat pack of the late 1980s, Slater was the sarky one in leathers, bad boy to his grunge angel and, like him, he is at present attempting a comeback.’
    • ‘When I challenge him to stop getting sarky, he acts all hurt and makes out he never even realised he was doing what he was doing, but I'm not so sure about that.’
    • ‘The year-long ban didn't seem to have much impact on although they did add a slightly sarky paragraph to Google stories noting that the search giant had sent them to Coventry.’
    • ‘Unforgiveably, he fell for the whole thing hook, line and sinker, and at no point deployed his sarky tongue to dismantle the publicity-fixated cybercharlatan's prognosis.’
    • ‘It's really well written in an honest, sarky style.’
    • ‘We are not at this time accepting abusive or sarky emails from the Antipodes regarding England's magnificent Rugby World Cup victory.’
    • ‘All I was trying to do was list a few of the questionable attitudes attached to chaos magic that rarely get brought up, albeit in a sarky manner.’
    • ‘They surround themselves with the best session musicians and make sarky note-perfect songs with dark dark lyrics.’
    • ‘Don't waste all your eggs on trying to get Maggie though, or you'll get a sarky reply when your pathetic score is displayed.’
    • ‘Let's face it, we smarmy and sarky Brits will throw in a bit of ironic drollery at the drop of a hat.’
    acerbic, sarcastic, sharp, sardonic, satirical, scathing, cutting, razor-edged


Early 20th century abbreviation.