Meaning of Sarmatian in English:


Pronunciation /sɑːˈmeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the ancient region of Sarmatia or its inhabitants.

    ‘a band of Sarmatian knights’
    • ‘The museum received a little gold flask with rubies found in Sarmatian archaeological excavations.’
    • ‘The Sarmatian burial rite at Klin Yar is inhumation in underground chambers.’
    • ‘He is a Briton, but he commands a Sarmatian cavalry for the occupying country.’
    • ‘The missing piece at the top marks the position of the rich Sarmatian grave’
    • ‘The exhibition will display works of art found in burial mounds of Sarmatian tribes.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the ancient region of Sarmatia.

    ‘the Sarmatians fought as a heavy cavalry’
    • ‘The archaeological discoveries they are referring to are connected to the Sarmatians.’
    • ‘He settled many Sarmatians within the empire.’
    • ‘It is known that over 5,000 Sarmatians from this area came to Britain after the Marcomannic wars in AD 175.’
    • ‘The German tribes had already learnt to fight mounted in heavy armour from the Sarmatians.’
    • ‘To the east of the Scythians there lived another horse people, the Sarmatians.’